It is finally summer and I hope that everyone is having a great one so far! Sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve made a new blog post, not to mention newsletter, and I know that I keep saying that I’ll post more often, but I never get around to it. I’ll just post when I can.

School will be starting back again in August and I am melancholy – I love school and summer, and don’t know how to feel! All I know is that I am looking forward to the new school year.

You may have noticed that my first purchase sale on my Etsy shop is still running. That is because I am still awaiting my first wonderful online customer! Once again, whoever is that first buyer will receive a handwritten note with their purchase and a shop gift card for $10. To get a reduced price on your first purchase, you can use the discount code 1111A to save 10% on any sale over $6!

Can’t wait to write that letter and send it out to my wonderful first Etsy customer!



New needle felted penguin!


I know this is going to sell fast!

I will be blogging more often now (hopefully).  Once again I repeat that whoever is my first Etsy customer will receive a handwritten note and gift card with their purchase. I’d love to have my first sale within a few weeks!

Even though I keep making more and more button rings, they keep selling extremely fast… what do I do? Make more!

Craftcation is almost over and I have met some great people. I wish that I could have been there for Thursday but school is time-devouring! I will be there again today selling products and handing out business cards. Unfortunately, we could not make it to the dance party last night.

Hope to see you today!

– Brynne

Hello, Craftcation 2015!

dear handmade life living and working from scratch

I hope that all of the people that found this site due to Craftcation are having a great time at their stay.

I met some very nice people today! (Jill, this is for you!) Some people called me inspirational, creative, and smart. I made more products, including:

  • I drew 2 drawings
  • I needle felted a penguin
  • I made 10 button rings (Sold 6 and had to make more!)

I hope to be seeing Craftcationers tonight at the dance party, and tomorrow at the hotel. I will be selling tomorrow!


CEO Brynne

Superbuzzy activity

I’ve been writing blog posts on mom’s company’s website, It’s called Brynne’s Pick of the Week, where I pick something that I like from the store and write about it. I even managed to find a typo on Robert Kaufman’s Periodic Table line. So check it out by clicking “superbuzzy blog” on the left side of the superbuzzy website!


New raffle!

Come into the shop today to enter a raffle with a chance of winning ANY item in the shop for free! 3 people have entered as of now… The chances will be pretty high, since I’m pretty confident that not many people are going to enter… But, I can dream! I’m hoping to get a lot of entries, so, make that happen! It makes me happy!

Signing off,

Brynne :D


I can’t believe that I actually forgot to post on my birthday…..

But anyways, my Etsy shop only has 1 more thing to complete before opening! I hope that many of you that are reading this at this very moment will be my future customers. In celebration of this shop, I created 3 new items for sale that have never been offered for sale before! They are made-to-order geeky drawings, Indian Rangoli cards, and scripted bookmarks! I hope that when the shop is open, you have the chance to take a peek at the things for sale, and possibly shop!!

Happy, happy, day,

Brynne :D