Crafting Classes

Starting now, today, the 27th of May, 10:45 am, the Crafting Classes begin! This is for those who are too busy to join the Crafty Club but still want a particular craft lesson.

Dates possible:

Today starting at 2:00 pm

Monday starting at 1:00 pm

next Saturday starting at 2:00 pm

Sunday off for celebrating families  for Fathers Day, so none that day



The Crafty Club

Want to learn more ways to be crafty? Stop by today and put your name on that clipboard! Join the Crafty Club today for free or buy Craftship if you constantly forget how to do certain crafts you were taught at our meetings(I will e-mail you how to do them)!

Craftship: $3.00

Auction Time!

Yay! It’s Auction Time! Now, this is a good one: a painting for auction! 10 bids tops. This one is an actual auction- not a “first person to type their name wins” auction.

Follow the Brynne Makes Stuff auction rules:

Highest cost bidding is $30.00 (rare! whoever bids that wins free Brinnese Lessons!)

Please do not get in an auction fight (unless it’s a joking fight)

And please, please, have fun!


Auction Time!

Hey it’s Brynne, and it’s Auction Time! Today’s auction is for: Gift Card Bundle!

The first person to comment on this page gets to buy that for and amazing deal of 15 cents! WOW! That is the best auction deal I have made yet! Just comment below and write your name so that I know how to address the prize to. If you feel unsecure doing that, make a username to type in instead of your name.

Hope someone wins,


Hi, and welcome to Brynne Makes Stuff!

Hi, so this is, my site! If you came here because you know me, please spread the word in Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or something else (like telling your friends). So, if you came here to shop, you need to know what exactly I sell.

  • Portraits
  • Art
  • Handmade Mini Pots
  • Lucky Rocks
  • Door Hangers
  • Gift Cards
  • Gift Card Packs
  • Origami

and much, much, more!

Come and visit my pop-up shop at superbuzzy, my mom’s store!


P.S, I will post daily! Also ask questions, and they will be answered.


Happy 9th Birthday Brynne!

Happy Birthday Brynne!

We can’t believe you’re 9 years old! We thought that it might be time for you to have your own website to support your creative enterprise: Brynne Makes Stuff. We will help you get your site all set up and ready for business (and fun!).


Mom & Dad