Why does this have to end?

Craftcation has come to an end and everyone wishes it wouldn’t. I’ve made some good business out of it though, and I got lots of business inspiration for Brynne Makes Stuff.


But in good news, The new Brynne Makes Stuff newsletter has begun! Everyone get happy and dance! »



Friends of Brynne Makes Stuff™,

I’d like to announce our first Craft Challenge!

The first challenge’s theme will be……


Make anything you’d like Easter-related and email me at either brynne@brynnemakesstuff.com or at brynnecaela@gmail.com.

I know how FUN it is to spam up my email, but it helps if I don’t have to clear it out into spam! (That’s to you, spambugs!)

Celebrate the love (YUB NUB!),



Oh, and thanks to my bff Caroline Máire Connolly.

Check out her website here: www.lunamoonxy.wordpress.com

Hey guys!

My mom, owner of www.superbuzzy.com/shop, has been working her butt off at the Craftcation 2013 conference at the Crowne Plaza in Ventura, CA. I’ve been handing out business cards and selling books, like Tips for Growing Your Business, and I even got Waking Up in the Land of Glitter signed by the author, Kathy Cano-Murillo! They’ve been doing classes and tutorials, and I spotted some fame, Evan Kleiman and Gustavo Arellano from Good Food (KCRW)! It’s a very fun conference, and I’m sure to see y’all there in 2014!



Craftcation 2013