Happy Birthday to Me!

My tenth birthday was Wednesday. I loved my birthday due to a few special people:

  • My best friend┬áCaroline Connolly (yes, owner of www.lunamoonxy.wordpress.com)
  • My parents (yes, one of them being the owner of the amazing store www.superbuzzy.com)
  • My friends Ellie Mensa, Hayley Jackson, Ella Spillman, Isabella Silva, and Adithi Desham for throwing me a little birthday bash out on the field at recess
  • Rylie Singleton for 1. I wanted to give her a shout-out and 2. Because her birthday is 15 days after mine (the 30th, lazy math-hating people)
  • and my amazing teachers: Mrs. Young (homeroom, Math & Science), Ms. Green (Language Arts & Art), and Mrs. Brenner (Social Studies and P.E.)! We love you guys, especially on this week, A.K.A Teacher Appreciation Week!

Feeling happy,

~Brynne :)