Guess How Many Scraps are in the Jar?

1374800424028  If you’d like to make a guess, you must see the jar in the front on my table (this picture if you can’t come instore). If you’ve seen it but didn’t write your name on the guessing sheet, go ahead and guess in the comments below.


There is now not only a 1st place winner, but also 2nd and 3rd. Those winners will be announced very soon.


:) Brynne :)

Seattle? No, Anacortes.


I’m on a trip in Seattle currently. Yesterday we drove up to Anacortes, where my favorite cousins live, t o spend the last days. The summer savings are still going on, so if I’m not there, you can still place an order….. you’re still going to have to wait for the contest though!

Guess what it’ll be? Guess in the comments below!