And the 1st place winner is….

Congratulations Tori Brown! 

A worker at superbuzzy herself, Tori Brown is a college student and was our first competitor. A surprise to me as well, the first competitor got it right!

Here are all of the competitors’ guesses if you want to know where you stood with all of the other competitors, or if your friend competed, where he/she stood with the others as well. 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place are in pink and bolded.

Tori Brown:31

Misty Revell: 56

Susan Trinidad: 63

Andres Rosales: 35

Trudy Smith: 123

Patricia McNeese: 33

Carrey Mendez: 25

Deshawnah Morris: 75

Kai Patterson: 47

Dana Sherlock: 39

Elizabeth (?): 60

Mia Rodoracio: 73

Gigi Lish: 41

Olivia Beckman: 42

Caroline Connolly: 58

Rebecca (?): 76

Great job everybody! If you are one of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners, stop on by to my shop to pick up your 10 dollar gift card prizes! All other competitors get a free hug! *hugs*

Thanks for playing my little game. Other competitions coming up soon!



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