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I’m Brynne Stevens, and I’m 12 years old. My dream was to write books as a young kid, and I’ve always loved making things: from books and pots, to portraits and needle felted animals, I’ve never really found a craft I didn’t like! You may find me in my pop-up shop in the front of my mom’s store,, or at a quilting/crafting convention. My business makes needle felted Felties™, books, zines, portraits, lucky rocks, mini pots, Totoro pencilholders (as seen on my desk), logo designs, geeky fan drawings as seen in my Etsy shop, and much more! You can shop from me on Etsy at and follow me at Let me know what you think. Thank you for sticking with me!

Happy Superb Owl Sunday!

As you know, we have an annual Superb Owl sale…..


30% off the entire store!



Also, even though I am not an often drawer of owls (:P)

We are having a 60% off sale of the owl drawings. (As if there ARE any)

So….enjoy spending your money freely….or whatever…..


And the 1st place winner is….

Congratulations Tori Brown! 

A worker at superbuzzy herself, Tori Brown is a college student and was our first competitor. A surprise to me as well, the first competitor got it right!

Here are all of the competitors’ guesses if you want to know where you stood with all of the other competitors, or if your friend competed, where he/she stood with the others as well. 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place are in pink and bolded.

Tori Brown:31

Misty Revell: 56

Susan Trinidad: 63

Andres Rosales: 35

Trudy Smith: 123

Patricia McNeese: 33

Carrey Mendez: 25

Deshawnah Morris: 75

Kai Patterson: 47

Dana Sherlock: 39

Elizabeth (?): 60

Mia Rodoracio: 73

Gigi Lish: 41

Olivia Beckman: 42

Caroline Connolly: 58

Rebecca (?): 76

Great job everybody! If you are one of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners, stop on by to my shop to pick up your 10 dollar gift card prizes! All other competitors get a free hug! *hugs*

Thanks for playing my little game. Other competitions coming up soon!



Good idea?

     So…. I’ve been wondering. Do you all think that we should add a list of products and their prices to the website??? We think so too! But, in order to do so, we need support! So, from Halloween thru Christmas, we will be having a pretty large


Everything is  40% off!

Hope you enjoy the freedom of spending your money freely.


~Brynne §


I just love section signs!!!


I will be announcing the winners  of the guess how many soon! The competition is finished. Finisio.

Guess How Many Scraps are in the Jar?

1374800424028  If you’d like to make a guess, you must see the jar in the front on my table (this picture if you can’t come instore). If you’ve seen it but didn’t write your name on the guessing sheet, go ahead and guess in the comments below.


There is now not only a 1st place winner, but also 2nd and 3rd. Those winners will be announced very soon.


:) Brynne :)

Seattle? No, Anacortes.


I’m on a trip in Seattle currently. Yesterday we drove up to Anacortes, where my favorite cousins live, t o spend the last days. The summer savings are still going on, so if I’m not there, you can still place an order….. you’re still going to have to wait for the contest though!

Guess what it’ll be? Guess in the comments below!


Summer Savings!

School’s out, and every year, that means it’s time for the annual SUMMER SAVINGS!

Any object in the BMS pop-up shop is now 50% OFF! We are all SUPER stoked for these discounts, and we hope that it’ll bring in some business.

Stay stoked,

Brynne ♥

This is what you do when you are watching tv. Am I right? :)
This is what you do when you are watching tv. Am I right? :)



Happy Birthday to Me!

My tenth birthday was Wednesday. I loved my birthday due to a few special people:

  • My best friend Caroline Connolly (yes, owner of
  • My parents (yes, one of them being the owner of the amazing store
  • My friends Ellie Mensa, Hayley Jackson, Ella Spillman, Isabella Silva, and Adithi Desham for throwing me a little birthday bash out on the field at recess
  • Rylie Singleton for 1. I wanted to give her a shout-out and 2. Because her birthday is 15 days after mine (the 30th, lazy math-hating people)
  • and my amazing teachers: Mrs. Young (homeroom, Math & Science), Ms. Green (Language Arts & Art), and Mrs. Brenner (Social Studies and P.E.)! We love you guys, especially on this week, A.K.A Teacher Appreciation Week!

Feeling happy,

~Brynne :)